haLoo u aLL ..

peoples that around me is such anidiot.
they give me a fucking fake smile everyday but they are actually a liar .fucking jealousy bitch!!!
but who cares ryte ??!!!!
i dont make friends with such an idiotloser
a backstabber and such a
fucking liar !!
if u think u are to good enough just get rid of my life .i dun give a damn . just step up loser!!
loser are always a loser..!!!!so face it ..
im way better than you !!
please dont be such a fucking jealous ..
im born to be perfect so whutt ????!!!!are you trying 2 say that u are jealous ?? hahaha

im sick to think about all of ur fuckingdamn feeling ..
im way better when the group of idiot
down to hell !!!

plisss dun easily judge me and talk crap bout me ..
you just dont know me !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
so fuckoff .

no hard feeling guys ..
love you all ..

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